Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people seek a private assessment?

People seek a private autism assessment with us for a range of reasons, but the predominant reason is the long wait for an NHS assessment.

NHS waiting lists for autism assessment continue to grow as services struggle to find the capacity to meet the increasing demand. There are currently 157,579 open autism assessments on NHS lists across England, an increase of 16% since September 2023. With March 2023 seeing 11,827 new NHS referrals for an autism assessment and completing only 8,122 it is no wonder that some areas are seeing waiting lists of up to 4 years.

Many individuals and families seeing other barriers emerge, such as pathways not being open to the under – 5’s or suggestions that referrals are only accepted for people at crisis point.
Some of our clients also experience a lack of understanding of autism from front line professionals being an issue, for example refusing to refer a child ‘because they have eye contact’ or misdiagnosing an adult with personality disorder.

Our prime mission is to improve access to quality autism assessments. You do not need a professional referral to access us, and we can usually get your autism assessment started within a week.

What is the autism assessment process?

You can find our process for under 18’s here and over 18’s here.

What is the cost of an autism assessment?

The cost for a full autism assessment and professionally compiled report with recommendations and feedback session is £1995.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Every autistic individual is different and so is the way that their autism impacts them. You can find out more about the characteristics of autism here.

Will a private autism diagnosis be recognised by the public sector?

As the NHS waiting lists grow, more and more people are accessing private assessments. There is no reason that a public body would not accept a private assessment, as long as it has been completed robustly. You can find out more here.

Can I undertake an assessment online?

Autism assessments for certain age ranges can be completed online with confidence that the outcome would be comparable to a face to face assessment. Read more here.

What do people say about their assessment process with you?

Read our adult client’s experience after getting an autism diagnosis here.

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