Preparing for Your ADI-r Interview

A Parents Guide

If you kept a record of your child’s milestones as they were developing, try and find them ahead of your ADI-r interview. Also any health visitor records or reports from professionals before your child was 5 will be helpful.

If your child is over the age of 5, you will be asked lots of questions about the 4 – 5 year period. Think back to what happened during that year, what did they do in the day? Where did you go on holiday? Do you have any school reports?

Find photographs and videos of your child when they were aged 4 and look through them to help yourself remember what your child liked doing during that time period. Think about what toys they had and what they liked to do.

Relax and try to get a good nights sleep before your ADI-r. Our experienced clinicians will take good care of you, there is nothing to worry about!

Find a quiet space to log on and ensure you have good internet connection, move closer to your router if need be. Make yourself a drink and find a comfortable position. Log on to your session, we’ll be waiting for you.